July 16, 2023

Next Generation NCLEX-RN (NGN) Review

The next-generation NCLEX might be overwhelming initially, but it's all the things we, as nurses, want students to understand and consider when caring for patients. When you start your first nursing job, you are not simply responsible for assessing lung sounds. You are responsible for identifying and then treating clinical issues. Nurses don't merely identify dangerous situations and move on. We think critically to care for the people in our community, and that is a loop of identification to evaluation post-intervention. There are layers to this game, and these new questions will help students understand said levels. With this new formatting, there will be less professional shell shock and more intellectually and emotionally prepared nurses who know how to handle complex patient populations. When I took the NCLEX, the answers came to me promptly. Most of my questions were 1-2 sentences in length. It was, in my opinion, basic systems thinking only. When I reviewed the new exam question formatting and it is 100% complex system processing. I had to slow down my thoughts, think about each piece of information given, and process what each sentence meant regarding the patient presented. It went beyond simple a + b = c. It expected more from you, and I'm here for it! Below are some examples of the new question formatting and link for the exam preview.

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