May 9, 2017

Nurses & Einstein Bros. Bagels #TheNurseBuzz

Nurses and bagels. Are you familiar? Most nurses have been there. You walk into the breakroom, and you see a luxurious food spread from management or from a pharmaceutical company. You get your bagel, hide it and go back to work. You know at some point, you’re going to need that food fuel. Nothing fuels nurses like carbs and caffeine. I should know, I passed out while performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at work once. It was a stressful and busy day. I was going to eat, but you know, things got in the way. From vasopressors to blood products, there was always something that needed to be given or completed. My lack of self-care resulted in me falling to the floor (mid-chest compressions), people yelling my name and them quickly sliding me out of the way, as I wasn't dying. I simply lacked nutrition, and as a nurse, we know better, but we do it all the time.

I'm not sure who invented the bagel, but I do know when the food spreads come out, bagels are usually the first things nurses reach for. I mean seriously, is there a more perfect food for the healthcare industry? I've eaten bagels while charting, while on hold with radiology, and even on my way to work. Bagels are quick little treasures that provide on-the-run professionals with the fuel they need to function throughout their shift. Do you know how many calories are burned during rounds and rounds of CPR? I sure don't know, as I passed out during it. Don't be like me. Don't get escorted to the emergency department with peanut butter all over your face and in a haze. It's not a cute look, and the bill you receive isn’t cute either. As nurses, we know better. We are aware of how important self-care is. We educate patients on the matter all day, every day. Yet, I'm constantly overhearing nurses say, "I didn't have time to grab a bite to eat." So, they usually settle for a cup of coffee and keep on working. I work the night shift. If it’s a choice between caffeine or food, most nurses choose caffeine.

Well, let Einstein Bros. Bagels help you with this dilemma. Einstein Bros. Bagels recently came out with this amazing line of products called Boosted Bagels. My favorite is the Espresso Buzz Bagel. They are the best of both worlds. A bagel and caffeine, in a committed and uncomplicated relationship. Oh, did I mention they are also an excellent source of protein? Yes, this is real, happening and here! I work 12-hour shifts. I need food that can sustain me for sufficient periods of time. As a nurse, I don't get tons of breaks or opportunities to enjoy a meal. When I can eat, it has to count. With 32 milligrams of caffeine, 13 grams of protein, and excellent sources of iron and magnesium, this bagel is the quick meal that will count and keep you sustained (even if you need to perform CPR).

Would you like a sandwich on this awesomeness? Check out the Espresso Buzz Bagel & Bacon Sandwich. Bacon, eggs, and cheddar, oh my! It has a bold flavor, and I love it. I ordered an Espresso Buzz Bagel Sandwich before my shift a few days ago, and it was an experience! The caffeine was released evenly and without peaks, giving me that smooth boost throughout my shift. The even–keeled disbursement was particularly nice as my patient crashed on me quickly and I was running around for about six straight hours. After eating it, I had no mid-shift hunger pains or moments of depletion. Working for 12-hours in itself is an accomplishment, don’t start on empty. Don’t self-sabotage. Would you like to try this amazing piece of buzziness? Einstein Bros. Bagels is giving a free Espresso Buzz Bagel and Shmear to any nurse who stops by a participating Einstein Bros. Bagels location on Thursday, May 11, 2017, wearing his or her scrubs or showing ID. Einstein Bros. Bagels encourages nurses to share their story and how the Espresso Buzz Bagel will help them get through their day with the hashtag #NurseTheBuzz. 

Consumers can show their appreciation for nurses by sharing a thank you message directed at a nurse or nurses who impacted his/her life at or on Twitter and Instagram using #NurseTheBuzzSweepstakes. All participants who share content through the landing page or with the hashtag will be entered for a chance to win one free Bagel with Shmear from Einstein Bros. Bagels each week for a year. Winner to be selected at random from the eligible entries. All entries will receive a coupon for a free Boosted Bagel and Shmear with purchase.

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