March 2, 2017

Product Review | Standard Survival Pro Review & Giveaway

You ever buy something and hope you don't need it? But, you buy it just in case? I feel that way about CPR equipment and emergency tools. They aren't tools you will use often, but when you need them, they are literal life savers. As a critical care nurse, I've witnessed people do gown (cardiac arrest) at restaurants. I've even witnessed car accidents occur. And in both situations, I've attempted to help in any way I could. The nurse in me will not allow me to just sit on my hands and be inactive. But sadly, in most "civilian" (non-in-patient) situations, I don't have the proper tools. As medical professionals, we want to help the sick and injured. But, our safety and well-being come first. We need the right tools in order to provide proper, quality care. And with that, enters Standard Survival Pro product line.

This fantastic company sent me products to review. And as expected, I had to wait for the right moment to test-drive these products. It is one thing to review something by the way it looks, but I feel you must use the products in the proper setting for an honest, comprehensive review. I recently did some training for work, and I was able to use the CPR barrier device and corresponding goodies. The Standard Survival Pro's LifePack comes with a keychain pouch, gloves, and one-way CPR face shield mask. I've had items like this before but I would misplace them because they didn't have a keychain or loop for securing purposes. Because again, this isn't an item you will use daily (hopefully). You want to clip or store it somewhere for easy and fast access. During my use of this product, I did about three cycles of CPR and found that the face shield held up even with my manhandling and forceful movements. Some plastic face shields are paper thin and the slightest adjustment causes a rip in the plastic. Not this time. I don't know about you, but every time I do CPR on those simulation dummies, the masks moves or slips off. Well, you will be happy to know that the Standard Survival Pro's Life LifePack device has an elastic band feature, which keeps it in place. I'm not sure who thought of this feature, but it makes things much easier than the traditional loose plastic layout. Have you ever used those loose plastic face shield? Awful. This item is great for medical professionals on the run who are seeking a convenient way of carrying CPR items. On top of the product coming with a durable pouch, the item itself (the face shield) actually stays in place thereby providing the right environment for proper and safe CPR.

I was also sent the Standard Survival Pro EscapeHammer to review. This bad boy is amazing because it's a twofer. The hammer portion can break glass, preventing you from providing care (inside a car, for example). Plus, it has a cutting element on the bottom of the device for seatbelt removal. Obviously, I didn't test the EscapeHammer product (as I work in the inpatient setting but boy, did contemplate going to car junkyard just to try it out) but I did give this item to an Emergency Medical Services associate of mine. A week later, I contacted him, and he indeed said the items were durable and worked as expected. He even asked if he could keep it (which was a big yes!). When I review a product, my main goals are to make sure the items work as described and are of good quality. It has to do the job, yet be responsibly priced. Both of these items exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend them to any medical professional or novice seeking to be prepared.


Standard Survival Pro LifePack 
- Three Black, Three Red & Three Pink

Standard Survival Pro EscapeHammer
- Three Packs (Two Hammers Per Pack)

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