January 28, 2012

Book Recommendations | Nursing Care Plans!

I heard about this book from many nursing students across the nation (YouTube & Facebook). Sadly, my mittens never touched this book while I was in nursing school. So, I finally purchased a copy last week. This textbook is beyond amazing and filled with tons of nursing interventions and rationales for interventions. The most valuable parts of this book are the rationales for interventions. If you can't explain why you're doing something... you're screwed! I would have received straight A's on my nursing care plans if I had this textbook in my arsenal. It provides you with everything and anything your instructor will require for a detailed, well constructed, specific nursing care plan. Now I know why it's a best seller, it should be a requirement for all nursing programs.

Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions & Outcomes 
ISBN: 0323065376 | 978-0323065375

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