November 29, 2011

Book Recommendations | Understanding Clinical Procedures!

Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills 
ISBN: 0323069681 | 978-0323069687

If you're like me, you can't remember every single clinical procedure. From wound dressing changes, the proper insertion of an indwelling catheter to even proper bed motility... this book will keep you current and on your nursing toes. On my nursing floor, we deal with chronic and acute medical conditions. From acute renal failure to ETOH withdrawal, each condition will involve some type of bedside nursing procedure. This book provides adequate, close up photos and the directions needed for various types of procedures. No matter the field of nursing you are in, procedures are done on all hospital floors. Keep your head in the game and implement proper procedures constantly with the help of this book. It answers all your procedural questions and rationales.

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