August 12, 2011

Book Recommendations | Disease Processes!

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment & Management of Clinical Problems
ISBN: 0323036902 | 978-0323036900

I still have this textbook and I will NEVER sell it. It was a required textbook during my nursing program. Yet as each semester passed throughout the program, I fell in love with it. This textbook covers every and any disease process and nursing intervention you could think of! When my husband had his heart attack, I read the Acute Coronary Syndrome chapter and the Post Operative Heart Surgery chapter. When he started his cardiac medications while in the hospital, I brought this book with me and read how each medication would interact with his new cardiac circulation. This book is extremely large but if you purchase any book for your nursing program... you need this book. I didn't like carrying around the larger volume textbook, so I opted for the 2-in-1 (double volume text) book option instead. This allowed me to carry the chapters I needed and not the entire, huge book.

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