December 8, 2019

How To Remain Focused In A New Job | Quick Huddle # 3

As a person who has recently started a new job, I've had to practice remaining focused while within the learning process. The first question you want to ask yourself is, how will I create value? When you start a new job, things can be overwhelming - learning new processes, job objections, performance expectations, challenges, etc. But don't overlook your value. When you applied to this position, what value did you see contributing to your organization? In order to remain focused, you must know what your profession plans and goals will be for the days and years to come. This is a new job, but don't forget they hired you because they saw something they wanted to cultivate. Lean into it.

The next question to ask yourself is, what support is critical? When starting a new job, you are immediately aware of what you need and when. You might not be an expert, but you know what you need to perform your job duties. Once you know what you need, focus on obtained or retaining said support systems. Nothing is more frustrating than working without the supplies you need to be successful. We have all been there, and lack of support always disengages team members. Don't wait for this to happen. Find out what you need and focus on obtaining or retaining those options. Budget and logistics will play a role in you procuring these items, but the goal is to be proactive and honest, and not bitter and passive in what you need to be successful at your new job.

Lastly, ask yourself what skills do you need? You have the job! But what will you need to retain the position? What skills will you need to be a quality team member? These are complicated questions, with no one-word answer. If needed, seek advice from senior staff or colleagues. The goal is to find out what others recommend you focus on or study up in regards to your new job. Learning is stressful enough. Having a road map will help you stay on the right track. It's very humbling and will allow you the ability to see what others deem important or crucial for your position. Unlike you, these individuals have the experience and will be able to provide you with guidance on where to begin.

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