September 30, 2019

What If You Have Lost Your Motivation? | Nursing Edition

Regardless of background or journey, most of us have had moments where we have lost our motivation, either personally or professionally. Sometimes we are well aware of it, while other times it creeps up on us and we find ourselves lost and irritated. Well, we are going to need to create a plan to find it and redirect us back on track. Here are some tips and suggestions:

1. VALUE: Know The Why (Identify Your Purpose)
Emotions usually trump logic because what drives us is emotion. We, as humans, are emotional folks regardless of our experiences or culture (in my opinion). It doesn't matter how great something sounds financially or logically, if there is no emotional investment, it will not motivate us long-term. You might be able to talk yourself into doing something, but it will not last long. Your interest will wax and wane until you finally move on to the next thing.

It is essential to know why you are doing something because your mind will ask, “Why even bother?”, “Why go through this?” or “This is too hard, why do you care?" Finding your purpose is the first step. Don’t underestimate the power of emotions. Most of us have had moments that we go through the motions of a job, but you have no interest or passion in the job itself. Some jobs get you from one point to another, and some are passions and dreams. You feel the difference, you know the difference and your heart can tell. And there are even times we subconsciously sabotage things to force us to leave an unpassionate situation.

2. POWER: Monitor Your Self-Talk (Control vs. Power)
Short circuit and override the negative conversation that can occur. Self-talk can be harmful - it can tell you that you are tired when you are not tired. It can assure you that you can’t do something and discourage you. It can fill you with fear if you let it. And this talk will then direct your actions. Do not ignore the power of self-talk. Control often comes from the duties and responsibilities delegated to a position. While power is the possession of authority or influence. You might not have control over your situation, but you always have the ability to change your mindset and approach. Power is true change.

3. HEALTH: Develop A Health Plan (Maintain Your Vessel)
You can’t perform if you are not in good health. Your health is valuable. Develop a realistic health plan, a plan that you can follow based on your lifestyle and needs. Your body is the only vehicle that you have to carry you through this experience we call life. You can’t run a car without gas. Your body can’t function on fumes. Ignoring health concerns will only come back to bite you later one. Being dehydrated, getting no sleep - these things will all pile-up and hit you like a punch in the face once you finally crash and burn.

4. REDISCOVER: Focus On Self-Rediscovery (Find Yourself)
You must work on yourself continuously. Know that as you invest the time and effort in yourself, you discover more about what you need and want in life. When you take the time to discover yourself, you unlock what truly makes you happy. Age and experiences are not factors. I find something new about myself every month. As we grow and develop, our personalities and needs change as well. I'm not the same person I was when I was 25-years-old, and my interests aren't nearly the same either.

5. COMMUNITY: Connect With Others (Support System)
You must surround yourself with others who are positive and support your personal and professional goals. Being motivated can only occur if you have the proper support system. Don’t allow others judgments or expectations to steer you away from what makes you happy. I've never met one successful person who surrounds themselves around people who consistently discourage them. That is emotionally exhausting and will contribute to negative self-talk.

This plan will take time, but you will know precisely what you want and what you need. Life isn't about pleasing others or conforming, it is about you being happy and finding what that means for you. No amount of money will keep you at a job. You have to be emotionally invested to wake up and invest your time and energy into something. People say life is short, I disagree. Life can be long, and being miserable or bored is a choice we make. Make the choice to find what motivates you.

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