February 13, 2016

How To Make Your Nursing Mega Brain Book

Punch List # 1 | Mini Binder | 1-Inch Round Ring | 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
Punch List # 2 | Poly Sheet Protectors | Mini Size | 5.5 x 8.5 Inches

This larger version is for those people who need more than a standard index card sized brain book. I started out with an index card (3 x 5) sized brain book but grew out of this platform within a year into my career. I just had to find a better way of storing resources. First, I tried a traditional binder (8.5 x 11) but found myself never using it because it was too bulky and impractical. So, I went online and found this mini binder. I've been in love every since!

My mega brain book contains:
1. Floor-specific and hospital-wide policies and protocols (heparin drip, RSI protocol)
    - Confirm accuracy weekly with electronic resources at your establishment
2. Uncommon procedures (Swan-Ganz catheterization, bladder pressure monitoring)
3. Every hemodynamic parameter out there (know the numbers, know the ranges)
4. Random medication sheets (meds that can't be given with food, QT interval meds)
5. Various mechanical ventilation modes & details (SIMV, CMV, IRV, HFOV)
6. Vasopressors & antihypertensive medication sheets (onset, peak, half life)
7. Rapid Response Team parameters & criteria (what they are allowed to give)
    - Confirm accuracy weekly with electronic resources at your establishment
8. Physician schedules & cell phone list (rapid references for immediate response)
9. State & acute care nursing scope of practices (so I know what I can perform)
10. Mosby's clinical skills (step-by-step instructions on nursing procedures)

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