July 18, 2011

Book Recommendations | Maternity & Pediatric Units!

When I was in my nursing program, my toughest courses were that of OB/maternity and pediatrics. During those courses, I used these books to help me understand the giant world of children. I don't have children so, I felt at a slight disadvantage. But, these books explained complex concepts in an easy to understand way and provided great pictures when needed. These books use the outline format and present the information in an organized, detailed manner. For example: disease process, possible NANDAs, signs/symptoms, nursing interventions, diagnostics and evaluation. These books helped to understand the full picture of a disease process or procedure when I was unsure after reading my textbook. I recommend these textbooks "in addition to" your school textbook but NOT alone. They cover sections but not in extended detail. 

Maternal-Newborn Nursing: Reviews & Rationales
ISBN: 0131789732 | 978-0131789739 

Child Health Nursing: Reviews & Rationales
ISBN: 0132437112 | 978-0132437110

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