June 18, 2011

Book Recommendations | Nursing & Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy!

Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy!
ISBN: 097610296X | 978-0976102960

Nursing Made Insanely Easy! 
ISBN: 9780976102939 | 978-0976102939

I was looking through the books in my bookcase and stumbled across these two books. These books got me through the last semester of nursing school. And now, they're going to get me through the NCLEX-RN exam. My favorite one is the pharmacology book. There are tons of medications (ones that, I've seen and was questioned on in Kaplan), that I know I will see on the NCLEX-RN exam. From antibiotics to antipsychotics medications, this book has it all. You get medication information, side effects, important labs, nursing inventions along with cute pictures (so you can remember them). I spent about three hours reading and tagging the pharmacology book.  Vancomycin causes red neck syndrome. I just typed that from the top of my head. How do I retain it you ask? There was a picture of a "redneck" reindeer. I laughed and now... I will NEVER forget it. I love this book. The nursing book is awesome too. It provides the same technique to studying. It also providing pictures and important information you will probaly see on the NCLEX-RN exam. Good luck everyone!

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