October 28, 2011

The Basic Knowledge Assessment Tool (BKAT-8)

With a score of 98%, the training is officially over! 

What is BKAT?

Basic knowledge in critical care nursing is a body of knowledge beyond that required for licensure as an RN that the critical care nurse uses in order to provide safe nursing care to patients. Since safe practice is regarded as a moral and professional responsibility, basic knowledge is information that is necessary for entry into critical care nursing and represents the foundation for job performance. The most recent version of the adult BKAT is version eight (2008). It is a 90-item paper and pencil test that measures basic knowledge in critical care nursing. These items measure content related to the following areas of critical care nursing practice: cardiovascular, pulmonary, monitoring lines, neurology, endocrine, renal, gastrointestinal, parenteral and others. The category "others" includes such areas as infection control, hypothermia, burns and spiritual care.

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