August 26, 2011

Product Review | AACN Pocket Card Bundle

I got these awesome pocket guides because I found myself needing more resources and not having them with me (physically). I'd have a patient with sepsis and did not know where to start, since I am a new nurse and have no nursing experience. These pocket guides feature detailed information about the disease process, signs/symptoms, treatments, medications and much more. I've had these pocket guides for a week now and have used them four times with success. Each time, finding the symptom my patient is experiencing, why they were having said symptom (pathologically) and what I needed to do to correct the issue. Yes, I'm a member of the AACN. So, I paid half price but I feel the full price is worth the abundance of information you receive with each pocket guide. Overall, great resource and you will use it often. Whether you're in nursing school or on the floor, this is a great tool for any nursing professional to be successful and ready for any disease process.